Your Dream, Our Motto!

For years, we have been creating timeless, sustainable furniture using modern technology. Craftsmanship and enduring design are at the core of our brand, and the simplicity of our pieces comes from the constant drive for innovation. Incorporating advanced techniques to our process of creation, each new design is revised and reworked to the last detail: every curve, texture and line reflects our design values. The Affon brand is sold through an extensive network of retailers. Our collections can be found in the most diverse interiors, where they age beautifully as the years go by.

Quality Policy

At Affon, we are adamant about the quality we utilize and deliver. Our reputation has been built through the constant inspection of the product quality. From the concept design to its completion, we stay put with our promise. All the furniture pieces we produce are inspired by Italian furniture concept and design. The manufacturing department is equipped with state -of -the- art machineries, and every production process is outright done by machineries. That means, the furniture you buy at Affon is machine-made. We are able to assemble and deliver furniture pieces that are durable and strong.

The raw materials we lay in are of finest quality. Every element that Affon glues together to build a furniture, builds a statement of its own. A strong statement of assurance, a complete statement of its quality and future.

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